Excursions and Spa

If you don’t know what to do in Cancun, the resort offers a variety of family activities. Each day brims with possibilities for adults and kids, making your time in Cancun a memorable experience. But–while you’re in the breathtaking Mexican Caribbean–why not also soak up some of its rich culture and history?

Paid Excursions

There are so many beautiful natural attractions, and fascinating cultural sites here in this part of Mexico. Take a boat tour of Cancun, go on a snorkeling adventure, explore ancient Mayan temples-even swim with Dolphins.

The resort has curated some of the top tours of 2019. These tours, however, are not eligible to be paid for with Resort Credits

Download Non-Resort Credits Tours & Activities Brochure

SPA Services

Experience relaxation and rejuvenation at a world-class spa resort. Take your pick from the latest spa services - massages, bath therapies, facials, and body scrubs - expertly administered in one of resort's 36 spacious treatment rooms.

Resort Credits Excursions

Every ROOM that stays at least 3 nights will receive Resort Credits which can be used towards Excursions, Tours, and Spa Treatments. The denominations are below:

– 3 nights = $500 RC per room ($150 max towards spa)
– 4 nights = $750 RC per room ($250 max towards spa)
– 5-8 nights = $1500 RC per room ($500 max towards spa)

There is an automatic 16% tax and services fee even when using Resort Credits

Download Resort Credits Tours & Activities Brochure

How to Book?

The resort can start booking your excursions and spa treatments 30 days prior to the wedding, however feel free to reach out to the points of contact listed below in advance with any questions and to start the process.

Excursions – Resort Credits & Paid
– POC: Victor Garfias
– Email: garfias@palaceresorts.com
– Subject: Excursions w/Muralidharan Bagai Wedding

Spa – Resort Credits & Paid (includes massages, hair & makeup services, etc.)
– POC: Rocio Martinez
– Email: marmartinez@palaceresorts.com
– Subject: Spa w/Muralidharan Bagai Wedding

It is imperative that you use the email subject lines listed above to ensure proper response time (please allow 3 business days for a reply)