They went to Venice, and SHE SAID YES!

After receiving all the blessings and well wishes from his and Shruthi’s families, Anuj couldn’t wait to put his proposal plan into action. He had booked an Escape Room outing in DC for the two of them (where the final clue was going to be the proposal) and was planning a post proposal party with their close family and friends afterwards to celebrate.


Shruthi one day non-nonchalantly mentioned that her company was sending her to Bologna, Italy for a week-long conference and how she was going to spend an extra day in Venice before coming back. Immediately an idea started to form… what if Anuj proposed in Venice instead? The Bagai house went in full lockdown mode as there were only 2 weeks to plan a proposal (not to mention, Anuj was in NYC for a week for work). The flight was booked, Shruthi’s parents and siblings were on board, and the wheels started to turn. Due to the time difference, Anuj and his older brother, Sumeet, were talking to companies in Venice in the early morning hours to see how to pull off a proposal Shruthi would surely never forget.

Shruthi did not make it any easier on Anuj. He had to tell her he was going out for the night and his phone was going to die so he could go on a 14 hour flight undetected. The night before the proposal she kept FaceTiming him to see his face (who can blame her there?), but he had to keep ignoring her calls since he was already in the streets of Venice by then. He even had his colleague/acquaintance/friend Vishal send him a picture from work that Anuj then sent to her to convince her that they were still in the office working late.

As the morning of the proposal approached Anuj was anxiously awaiting Shruthi’s arrival to the surprise proposal point. Due to the time difference, he was unable to find out if had she made it to Venice since it was only 4 AM EST and he couldn’t text her without tipping her off. Anuj was so stressed that he checked out of his hotel room 3 hours early and stayed on the same corner of the same street in fear of running into her in Venice. All his hard efforts paid off when finally…SHE SAID YES!